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Some More Questions

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1Some More Questions Empty Some More Questions on Mon Jul 07, 2014 7:53 pm


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i know i shouldn't be asking these but when you got a question that seems legit, why not ask it

1: as of this day, how big is the size of the game folder and the components (like 2.0 GB or something like that; no need to go into specific details)

2: is there any unique music used that wouldn't be likely to be heard from one of the games (ex: Sky Tower from PMD 1)

3: has anything been set for the guilds (like price to make, requirements to get one, fees to add new members, character limits for the name)

ps: im not expecting any useable responses (since its still early), except (the size is a secret, for now; just the typical music; not sure yet)


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