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Forum Rules

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I kinda used Eclipse for this but shush


  • Do not spam topics
  • Do not double post
  • Do not posting anything off topic unless in Random Things forum
  • Do not post in all capital letters
  • Do not bump/reply to a topic that has been dead for over a month
  • Do not attempt to make a player harass you and break the rules
  • Do not pretend to moderate someone
  • Do not correct someones spelling (no matter how bad it is)
  • Do not argue with any staff member
  • Do not post anything referring to another MMORPG (with exceptions of games like WoW and LoL)
  • Do not post any offensive material (nudity, gore, etc)
    Example of Nudity:
    Forum Rules Tumblr_lyt2tk98FB1qzxzwwo1_500

Making an Account

  • Do not make multiple accounts
  • Do not make an account imitating a current user
  • Profile pictures can't have anything that may offend users
  • Signatures can't have anything that may offend users


  • Do not spam the chat
  • Fonts may not go over 18
  • Do not post any links/pictures that may offend anyone
  • Do not complain if someone description has anything inappropriate on it

Forum Rules Tyranitar

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