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Tales Of Mudkip And Friends [3 Parts]

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1Tales Of Mudkip And Friends [3 Parts] Empty Tales Of Mudkip And Friends [3 Parts] on Wed May 14, 2014 9:01 pm


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Mudkip's grazing through the grass the jumping and walking. The trainer is onlooking happily as Mudkip decides to cross the road and take a swim. Mudkip looks left and notices a Semi Truck heading away. Mudkip looks right and notices a distant car. As Mudkip jumps, Mudkip is struck by the car and is sent flying into the back of the Semi. Mudkip lands on the ground not only hurt but also has 2 broken legs and is unconscious. Traffic stops and the trainer rushes over. Someones calls the cops for an escort to a pokemon center. A few days later in the ER, Mudkip is better but the legs are still in massive pain from being sent flying and from the impact. PART 1 END. Mudkip was sent flying 3/4 Miles into to the Metallic Semi Trailer. The Trailer is bent and highly damaged

"The Helpful", Mudkip & Friends are all battleing a huge Groundon & Latios, all controlled by Team Goldenpipe. Just as a friend was about to finish off Groundon, not only is there an explosion but a giant container appears out of nowhere and captures all the wild pokemon & Latios. Team Rocket, Magma & Aqua appear out of the blue. Goldenpipe Leader Judgeburlock says to Latios "Latios, Get out of there!", Latios tries to break free but no luck. Ash & Prof Oak see whats going on and Ash gives Prof Oak a brand new Pokeball. Prof Oak throws it and hits the container and it breaks it open. Little did Prof Oak know, they were about to fall into a very deep valley. Judgeburlock commands Latios to catch everyone. Success! As Mudkip & Friends aid Ash & Oak, they hit an invisible wall. As Ash goes to grab them, Ash falls in a hole. Mudkip & Friends have been put in an Invisible Container ready to be shipped to Giovanni & Gary. Who can save them now? Team Goldenpipe flees but Team Magma surrounds Goldenpipe. Team Aqua surrounds Ash & Oak. This looks bad if no one can make it, but someone is on the way. Brock, Misty, Tracy, Max, May, Officer Jenny, The Elite Four, & Ritchie are so far off. Can they make it in time before Ash & Oak are captured, Goldenpipe is taken capitive, and Mudkip & Friends are shipped off for profit? Find out in "The Day"

"The Day" As Brock & Friends are running, they send out pokemon to stall them until they get there. Brock sends out Geodude & Vulpix. Vuplix uses Flamethrower while Geodude uses Mud Slap at Team Aqua. Ritchie sends out Pikachu & Butterfree and tells them to aid Team Goldenpipe against Team Magma. Officer Jenny sens out a Gloom and uses Smokescreen when they are found. A Sports car with an RV comes along and picks up Brock & Friends and heads to the spot of Team Aqua & Magma. The Elite Four splits up and takes on both Team Magma & Aqua


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