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Poem: Friends

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1Poem: Friends Empty Poem: Friends on Wed May 14, 2014 9:03 pm


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this poem was inspired by true events

day after day you give no glance
you made me dizzy trying to keep up with your stance
you hinder to the shadows not making a sound
or even a word to follow down

the light shone from the entrance
i could tell it was you from your glance
no challenge to big, no distance to small
all coming from the fogbound

your presence was known with just a sigh
now your away, your too skyhigh

when shall you be visible, its way too bitter
darting away, leaving us surmounted in litter

there is no hope and there is no dream
unless you can be seen

dont stay away
you have nothing to lose
except one friend
who is inspired by you


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