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[6/6] Current Progress

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Hellooo PMDO Community!
Well, as Admin, I feel as though I should be more active when it comes to updates, and such
So I'm going to be posting one post a week in the updates thingy!
If not, then I'll personally ask one of the admins/developers to take my place,
but anyway, I'm sure one of the things you guys REALLY want is screenshots!


[6/6] Current Progress Screen11
Oh my, a wonderful spot for eggs! (Don't mind the fact that I say "super screenie" ;3
[6/6] Current Progress Screen12
I wonder what could be under that waterfall o:
[6/6] Current Progress Screen13
A wonderful menu system!
[6/6] Current Progress Screen14
Woot woot! Recruitment System!
Our wonderful staff that participated in the screenies:

Other than the screenies, we've been making quite some progress!
I don't want to give away to much, but we've added/improved:

  • Menu's - Now our menu's are a lot more player friendly! (See Screenies Above)
  • GUI - A nice purple and orange based GUI for you all to look at when your mind dozes off and forgets that you're doing something (See Screenies Above)
  • Music - I know you guys can't tell, but we didn't have music prior to our recent update, but luckily now you can hang with all your friends and listen to super cool PMD music at the same time!
  • Chatrooms - Now, instead of pming one person at a time, you can have nice long conversations with multiple people, and nobody can see! (Except the staff, of course ;])

That's all I'm going to give for today, but next friday I'll be giving you guys some wonderful new screenshots!

[6/6] Current Progress Tyranitar

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