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Update Feedback Topic-6/6

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Since the topics are locked, how about we use game discussion to give our "wow's" and whatnot about the current update

i really loved the screenies. looks nice except 1 screenshot didn't have a poke portrait showing (maybe this is for a future update, dunno)

the changes were good. i like the music addition but wont do me any good in safe mode.

i have a question about chatrooms. i that referring to the chatbox and what is that "talk to a group of friends"? as in guild?


2Update Feedback Topic-6/6 Empty Re: Update Feedback Topic-6/6 on Sat Jun 07, 2014 4:58 pm


The first screenshot didn't have a portrait because the pokemon was an egg, and eggs dont really have a portrait. We do have portraits.
The chatrooms is in the regular chat box, and its a command that you do and other people can join it so you can talk to them all at once. Sort of like guild I guess.

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