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1Distortion Empty Distortion on Sat May 24, 2014 8:05 pm


Story Writer
Story Writer
"And remember, if you get caught. You'll never be seen again." The words still echo from when you were first given your mission back at headquarters. It's dark now... Then again, it always is. The world has been thrown into chaos and turmoil by the evil Pokemon Giratina. As you and your team face the entrance to the Distortion World, a dark twisted place with nothing but evil, you feel a sudden chill. Something isn't right and soon you find out why. As you walk towards the entrance where you'll face the foul beast, four dark and distorted figures appear, letting out a horrifying screech that renders all of you unconscious. When you awake you find yourself on an island and in the distance hear the screams of the last of your teammates, as you listen you realize you have to try and escape. Looking around you don't see anywhere to run, as the four figures come back at you there's only one way to go. Down into the distorted realm. You take one final breath and jump. As you fall into the abyss you feel dizzy, the lack of air makes it difficult to stay awake as you fall back into unconsciousness. You're suddenly awaken by the long since forgotten warmth of sunlight on your skin. When you stand up and walk around you find a small town by the name of Newleaf Town and happy Pokemon frollocking about. When you ask around about Giratina, The Distorion World and of the darkness no one seems to know what you're speaking about. It's a sense of relief that there's some part of the world left untouched by the creature, but then a haunting thought comes creeping into your mind. How long until this peaceful region is taking over by Giratina? You come to a decision, no matter what you can not allow that to happen. You will protect the last place to have happiness and you will, by any means necessary, destroy the beast and restore this happiness to the entire world. No, not the world, the universe. With that vow your adventure begins, back to the battlegrounds, back to The Distortion World, back to finish your mission and avenge your team.

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